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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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republicans and our seven dan housely. >> >> well, it is going to be a big one across the country. at home states for several of the candidates trump leading the polls in most states voting today texas one big exception here in massachutes, the polls have trump leading by more than 20 points. we will have those results when they come in. >> we are here in my home town houston vote. senator ted cruze voting in his home state of texas today. polls show cruz leading texas. ep following up iowa caucus win with three third place finishes. >> any candidate who cannot win his home state, has real problems. >> before cast his bath aol cruz warned against vote for donald trump. saying trump would likely lose to hillary clinton. . in the fall. >> senator marco rubio echo concerns about trump clinton match up in land it. throw senator left georgia for minnesota today and then on to his home state with a primary will be held later this months.
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and virginia we feel great about bunch them obviously some of them it is really close. what i know we will get lot of delegates tonight. as we move towards. donald trump answering with unrubio recents insult after the new york business man landed in ohio with new jersey governor chris christie by his side. trump said rubio lied about trump having small hands. >> other day i rubio you know i call him correct. i call him. i call little marco. little marco. hello. he said i had small hands. actually i am 6, 3 not 6, 2 but he said i have small hands they are not small are they. i never heard -- i never heard that one before. i have always had people saying, donald trump you have most beautiful hands. >> candidate john kasich ben carson hoping breathe new life their campaigns answer after immediately bottom of pack in race he so far. >> ojai governor kasich hoping for boost from his home state.
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carson actually sits at the top of the one poll. the list of who people think ought to be trump's running mate. >> and been carson calling for meeting with all of other republican candidates ahead of the next debate on thursday. he says he want them to all agree to cut down on insults and the personal attacks. live news room. 7news >> and now to democrats voter will have to decide between hillary clinton and say san diego. and does appear clinton will be taking several states tonight. here our report now live from the control room. well you question tonight hillary clinton on unto be crushed bernie sanders south carolina. and going into super tuesday she is polling well once again. i sat down sapped tears during his campaign stop milton very optimistic about today. >> senator bernie sanders voting in his home state of vermont. he counting on winning there and for other states including massachutes. >> we have worked hard in massachutes. we have number of rallies we
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we have got staff here. and we think that if voter turn out is high, if he working people come out if young people come out. if people given up on political process, want to get in and stands up and fight back. we think we will do well here tomorrow. bay state sanders turf. there are lots of students pro gives and close to vermont. but secretary hillary clinton has backing almost all of massachutes democratic establishments. >> we are taking on all of that. ain'ts easy that he when are doing. form president bill clinton used his popularity up here to meet and greet at boston area polls and give them one last push to vote for his wife. but state got some complaints that he was too close for comfort. causing secretary bill's office to call clean camp remind them campaigners must stayed 150 feet tampa bay from potential voters. hillary clinton, was minneapolis today. taking selfies at local coffee shop. her focus donald trump. >> you know i was very
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avoid what appears to be support from david duke. from the clue klux clan. that's exactly the kinds of statement that should be repudiated upon hearing. she look towards the general election. >> i am just a speaking against bullying wherever i hear it. i hear lot of it from the republican candidates they steam have forgotten completely about issues and they are now running their campaign base is upon insults clinton continues to poll well with african americans while sander last strong hold on old man. are you suggesting that i am 74. >> we know that you are 74 years old. why do you think that your connecting with generation that's not your own? >> the answer is honestly i . and, i would not predicted that when we began the campaign. >> now by the end of tonight clinton want to pull ahead enough that makes almost
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but sanders says there 50 states central vote and he going to hear from every one of them. >> live in control room. 7news. people began casting their votes early this morning and state is expecting possible record turn out. race for democrats tight so each volt is important. while trump, could be the wild card: we live in peabody with more on the voter turn out. >> we are leer hell men street very busy. people coming in and out of here in stead city stream boston released figures as 3:00 pm more than 818,000 people had voted in boston that's 21%. it is seems like we are on pace for the record turn out. >> voters line up polls. perhaps, in record number. >> is there trump affect and are we signing it today? >> think be there is. the man who oversees the state election says in last six weeks 20,000 democrats switched to independence or republican. perhaps for the chance to weigh
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>> it is good for democracy. i non sure -- i am no sure result will good for democracy but that's up to the people >> here pea body worried running ballots. city clerk left state know he may need more >> we don't know what to anticipate now from couldn't 6:00 clock there steady stream of voters some for trump i want going speak for us. with the borders. issues >> and that name is donald trump. >> some against it. >> he makes a lot of noise. i done like the noise he makes. at this polling place in boston back bay, a voter who usually votes for democrats, decideded against trump. >> you pull republican ballot for anti-trump vote >> yes. >> yes. usually i would vote depending anti-vote.
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>> well honest about secretary galvin says addition to the trump affect, there could be bernie bounce. because more and more younger people coming out to polls today. and with ancedotal evidence pointing towards it. coming out vote for bernie sanders the vermont senator. we live in peabody. 7news. we have complete super tuesday coverage right here on seven. tonight nightly news expanding to an hour and nbc election special will start at 11:00 then we full recap of super tuesday right here on 7news at 11:00. >> we are following breaking news about run away red line train the final report on incident out and it contains pictures from inside of the cab cab train that took without driver report safety recommend days. also details moementsz that led up to when train started heading down the track. with no one at the controls. am our cheryling going through the paperwork and cheryl joins us what has learned. >> no surprise. report says the operator red line train was fault photograph the run away train taking off without -- with passengers on board and all of this happened
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mbta says this was cause. these foe so show microphone dial. the t say the operator of train david have a quiz tampered with the deadman feature of control and failed to secure a hands car. now report goes on to call for corrective action saying the greater super, i have and review of possible design changes on the car. to pre sent something like this from happening again. now david have a quiz injured when train took off without him. and was passengers on board. no passengers were injured. the train was eventually stopped. mbta that is fired vazquez 25 year veteran his lawyer says, he has shall will appeal the decision. all right. let's turn to a weather alert. cool start to march budget our meterologist are tracking some rain and winds. moving in just in time for wednesday morning commute is what i am hearing. our meterologist knows and he
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is advisory. yes. worcester hills. because i think couple of hours will have sleet around midnight tonight. but yet again this is essentially rain storm for us. during the wednesday morning commute where is our storm here it is. way over here in ohio. it will past across new york state northern new england. >> 30. and snow where we winter weather vice and in act again worcester hills higher elevation. for couple hours with a little bit sleet mix in with the rain. just after mid any. tonight. i think by the time we get to the morning commute even up in worcester hills that's pre don't manltly rain it is certainly going to be rain 495. 128 coastline including boston. that ring briefly heavy windy as well. so stormy wednesday morning. with temperature though warming overnight tonight. it will be 50s in tomorrow morning. and then as we work into afternoon here comes the sunshine cold wind though look
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the 30s by 2:00 tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. >> taste. pharrell for police officer from a ameridian. were held. fell owes showed up in full force. to support the fallen hero. 28 year old ashley was shot killed during the first few hours of her very first shift after being sworn in. she was responds doe mess stack violence call when man shot her and two other officers killing here. that man is now in custody. other officers are expected to recover. >> new grand jury report claims that two roman catholic bishops and pennsylvania diocese helped cover up the sexual abuse of hundreds of children. the report says more than 50 priest religous leaders in diocese, were involved in this. it was over 40-year period. it is especially critical of bishop hogan and joseph adam
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the report saysed a mccrea ated payout chart. to help guide how much victims would received from the church. based upon the level of the sexual abuse. no criminal charges have have been filed in case. because some abusers have died. or the statute of him stages has expired. and this case comes just two days after the film spotlight won best picture at the academy awards. this movie chronicles boston globe investigation into systemic child sex abuse within roman catholic chuchl. he praised globe work saying, quote, democracy such as ours, journalism and an essential to our way of life. the media role in revealing sexual abuse crisis opened a door through which the door has walked in responding to the needs of survivors. protecting children, he says, and providing support for survivor and their that many family must priority and all aspect of the life of the church. >> f.b.i. director and apple top attorney testifying at con gregsnal hearing focussed on
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other electronic devices it comes apple refusing to help federal investigators hack into iphone linked one of san bernardino shooters. apple executives say creating back door would make device vulernable to hacker in cyber cripple nasdaq. they opened fire on his co workers in san bernardino california in december. 14 people were killed. 22 others were injured. want to access his phone. to look for evidence. agency director says, deintiet apple refusal to help he understands why the company might be hesitant. >> there are no demons this debate. company are not eiffel. you have lot of good people who see the world through different lenses. who care about things all care about same things in my view. the company care about public safety. the f.b.i. carbs about innovation and privacy. >> he went on say it is f.b.i. is job to use all lawful tools possible completed his investigation. just yesterday, federal judge sided apple similar case.
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>> >> national >> stock. in room next to hurls. andrews talked about how incidents has hafked her life. but defense attorneys tried to poke holes in her version of what happened. we have latest from courtroom. well, kevin, lawyers for hotel continue to argue that there not fought for what happened. but andrews, says she want someone to be held accountable. >> i think about every day. . . >> for the second straight dry erin andrews emotions spilled over as she talked about being videotaped with without her knowledge nudes in inside nashville hotel room >> walk right by -- and i think, my god. one stayed yummed has seen that video. >> vow posted on-line. by michael barrett that spent 30 months in jail after he admitted
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caster, and three cities. altering peep holes in her how kel room doors and secretly recording her. and now, andrews is seeking $75 million in civil lawsuit that names barrett along with nashville amarriott and its management company at the time of the incident. claiming negligence emotional i did sdres. and invasion of privacy. >> do you believe you will ever get over this. >> no. >> i think thing that's really hit home for me and hurts me the worst is when girls high school college, they treat me. they say i would be erin andrews except for marriott stalker thing. >> i can't control that. that's every day. that's don't get better. . cross-examination, the hotel attorney looked to establish, that andrews is career has not been irrepairable damaged. >>-- >> they also argued hotel had nothing to do with barrett's
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despite reports staff members told him andrews was staying in there and agreed to give him the room next door. >> well the trying expected wrap up by ends of the week. news room. 7news. all right still to come frantic scene in san francisco when bus goes up in flames at gas station. the explosive scene. then at 5:30 troubling diagnosis. leading to concern on campus. and why harvard is now working with the cambridge health department. >> also ahead driver on the run using two kids to create distraction. and escape from police and then just one hour. it is a quick burglary case in bellingham two men accused stealing from man who died in his home. and was left there for months. >> and cut short why selfies saint patrick's day will march different route this year. those stories and much more
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gags fuelling the flames when bus overheats catches fire. that black smoke could be seen all across san francisco sky and fire crews were just working so flames. police say quick thinking likely saved lives seven sara french has thatster view bus on fire, the flames reached to roof of the gas station. and black smoke took over.
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passing by. >> they kept saying it is a gas tank blow up underneath whole block could go that was pretty much on mine mind. got out of there? >> everybody needs to back up. at first people were told to keep back from the fire. but watch here. when one explosions happened. >> a firefighter gets blown backwards. >> it is burning. didn't burning. smoke and smoke and black smoke. one firefighter put fire out, the damage was clear. the fire department says the driver of the bus parked at pump and got out when he saw smoke coming from the engine, and went inside of gas station store to call his boss. >> that's when people inside saw the fire and called for help. >> we seen him from out here. i told customer get out. get out of here. thinking that plays might explode. so that was more -- that was so much worried about fire itself more about the explosion. >> no passenger were on the bus when it caught on fire. the fire so intense several gas
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signs melled. >> bus driver did not want it talk about how this bus ended up like this. >> people work at the gas station were able to quickly turn off gas pumps likely stopping the entire building from exploding. in news room. i am sara french 7news. >> tracking rain and wind for the wednesday morning commute. mid week forecast up next. >> and then at 5:30 you know is not over until it is over and rhode island high school learns hard way that you don't start celebrating until you know for sure
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where are you?r it's very loud there. are you taking at
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another storm coming down around midnight tonight. again briefly starting as a little bit of sleet well north and west along outside 495 for couple of hours mid any up until about 2:00 or 3ness morning then rain and gusty winds tomorrow morning. and then we move into the afternoon and then things settle down and then really turns colder tomorrow afternoon mere where we have winter weather vice again, it is not because of snow cases. couple inch snow. large.
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for advice. just not about ice. or legal about rain. briefly hef re rain gusting winds tomorrow morning. warm win wind temperature tomorrow morning will unner 50s right now, 30s. >> boston 38. been. going win battle unagain dmchlt this late winter early spring season toronto 18. buffalo 29. they are closer to storm path. so they are going to have more of a wintery event through but for us here in new england then warn fronts winds. and so we talk about rain. so here your storm time line coming apt us: he fall dur the morning commute. and then i think as we work into the middle wart of tomorrow morning that's when rain will shout down we will get sunshine by noon tommorrow. but windy all day we have winds
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cape cod winds tomorrow morning, winds gusting 35 to 45 miles per hour. i think overnight tonight there might be building winds at the media coastline. 35 to 35 miles per hour but nothing like we dealt with last week where thunderstorms it different kinds of storm. then as get into afternoon hours tomorrow. sun out. but warms gone. 50s tomorrow morning. upper 30s tomorrow afternoon. 7:00 tomorrow evening, clear. but cold. only near 30 tomorrow evening. thursday cold day. here comes another storm system passing south of you new england. and i think this might generate a little bit patchy light snow in flowers friday after into be >> more so on grassy sisters. down through the south coast, the south shore near the canal and out on cape it might snow steadily for few hours. friday. so because of that you folks have best chance of three inch of snow on friday. saturday and sunday clouds and sun. seasonable near 40 and string going to do its thing next week
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heading for 50s and 60s. see you at 530s is. sounds good. >> ahead on 77 >> to save man who fell into a quarry in quincy. ahead at 6:00 clerk forced fight off robber wearing mask and holding a needle.
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injustice an investigation underway as witnesses and police tell different stories. >> and a teen badly burned after an explosion the device that caused his serious injuries. >> 7news at 5:30, starts right now. >> we have breaking news here first at 5:30 final report on the run away red line train is out. and it contains pictures from insides of the cab of the train that took off without a driver. there is your look today driver is off the job. we are learning more about moment that led up to train heading down tracks with no one at the controls. we are joined with more on brain


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